Where to Party in Cusco

April 25, 2018

If you are looking for a night club, Cusco has your back! The Cusco nightlife is one of the most vibrant in Peru and it features everything from electronic, reggae, rock, hip-hop music and more! Plus, many of the venues keep the drinking and good music up until dawn. You will also be glad to know that the clubs in Cusco are all within walking distance from one another. To avoid confusions, it is worth mentioning that Club Cusco is actually a social club located in Lima. So, now that we got that out of the way, lets dive right into the best places where to party in Cusco.

The Wild Rover

Cuesta de Santa Ana 782, Cusco 08000
Open daily from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m.
+51 84 227 546

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If you’re looking for Cusco nightlife, the Wild Rover is definitely the best bar in Cusco and our top choice for where to party in Cusco. With a lively atmosphere, free entry, great specials on drinks and food, and strong enough drinks to make any Irishman proud, there is nowhere else to go for a good party in Cusco!

Their bar boasts a massive balcony where you can enjoy incredible panoramic views of the city while enjoying a cocktail or two. They also have nightly themed parties, frequent special guest DJs and other live music acts, plus the best bar staff in town that will ensure that you have a “wild” time in this magical city.


Portal de Carnes, 298, on the 2nd floor
Open daily from 8pm to 4am
+51 255770

Mythology has two bars for its punters to choose from so there’s no excuse to keep the drinks flowing till the early hours. There are drink offers available and there’s no entrance charge. The DJ mainly plays a mix of hip hop and reggae, so make sure this is what you like before you go! This place can be busy at the weekends and alright on week days. The toilets are clean too!


Calle Plateros, 316.
Open daily 8pm to 6am
+51 254911

Did you know - Lima gets VERY hot between January and May. Stay at Pool Paradise Lima to enjoy the sunshine!

Ukuku´s combines local and international very well, in a lively buzzing venue about three minutes’ walk from the main plaza. Although this is one of the busiest clubs in Cusco, it does get lively until around 2am when people leave bars and hostels to continue the party. The DJ can spin anything from traditional Andean highland music, Latin pop, jazz, salsa, reggae and the usual cheesy reggaeton tunes.  Expect to still be dancing away at six in the morning! Sometimes, depending on who you are, there´s a cover charge!

Mama Africa

Portal Harinas 109, 3rd Floor, Plaza de Armas
Open daily 9pm to 6am

Dance, dance, dance to your heart´s content here. If you’re looking for some where to party in Cusco look no futher!! Weekly DJs please revelers with electronica, reggae, hip hop and disco.  You might even get coaxed into a salsa or tango lesson. You’ll also be pleasantly entertained by performers from all over including African drummers, Latin and other South American artists and even the odd fire show.  Party till the small hours and then do it all again tomorrow! Every night is different in Mama Africa’s. Remember before 11pm it’s free in but it will be pretty dead until 1-2 am.

Mama Africa

Mama Africa Nightclub, Plaza de Armas, Cusco



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