5 Reasons Why This Pool Hostel is the Best in Lima

December 29, 2017

Peru’s busy capital, Lima, is:

  1. Known as the ‘City of Kings’
  2. Among the largest cities in the Americas
  3. Home to more than 10 million people

However, in this big beautiful capital I could only find ONE hostel where you can chill out and relax by a pool, and that hostel is Pool Paradise Lima. Situated in Miraflores, this hostel was the perfect distance to everything I needed around Kennedy park but was also far enough to see some of the peculiar shops, restaurants and must-visit spots scattered around the district of Miraflores. Pool Paradise Lima had the perfect chill atmosphere blended with an original and distinct interior to make it the best hostel in Lima (for me anyway!)

THE ONLY PERU GUIDE TRAVEL TIP: Save money and stay safe when going to/from Lima Airport by using the Official Bus service inside the Airport called Airport Express Lima

only lima hostel with pool

So if you want to loosen up by the pool but don’t want to splash out for a hotel, keep reading to find out the Top 5 reasons why this pool hostel is the best in Lima!

1.  The Only Hostel Pool in Lima

So the #1 reason I picked this hostel in the first place, The Pool! Not the sporty, lengths type but luckily neither am I, so it was perfect to unwind beside after a long day of exploring Lima. It was also handy to take a quick dip when Lima’s humid weather got a bit too much. Honestly, I was surprised more hostels didn’t have this facility, but once I found this spot I couldn’t have been happier!

only lima hostel with pool

2. The Charming Interior

I was pleasantly surprised by the chic interior of Pool Paradise. A very interesting old-style foyer with a stairs that stretches up to the surrounding balcony and a large alluring fireplace located directly across from the front desk. .

Did you know - Lima gets VERY hot between January and May. Stay at Pool Paradise Lima to enjoy the sunshine!

There was also another two living areas inside and one outside as well as a quaint dining area with inviting circular tables and colour coordinated chairs. Overall the look was characteristic and cosy in every room

ENTERTAINMENT TIP: If looking for fun at night, or to watch sports during the day, or even a taste of home, visit the Wild Rover Hostels Chain for great food, sports and beer! Entrance to their bars is free even for non-guests

3. The Outdoor Kitchen & Garden Area

The private garden, kitted with sun loungers and pool chairs, was probably the most popular area paired with the outdoor tables and chairs. It became my go-to spot, especially in the evenings, and was clearly the social hub for most of the other people staying in the hostel as well. There was a great atmosphere and the open plan area was perfect for chatting to other traveller’s visiting South America.

4. Comfortable Bedrooms

I stayed in the dorm and it was a good choice! Comfortable, spacious and clean, especially compared to some of the other places I’ve stayed in South America, however Lima is a big tourist hub so a certain standard is to be expected. But I must say, even in the dorms, my expectations were exceeded!

So although I opted to stay in a dorm, the kind staff let me take a few pictures of the private rooms they have on offer. Check them out!

5. Perfect Distance from Everything You Need!

Although there were hostels located basically inside Kennedy Park, I preferred having a bit of distance between my hostel and the area saturated with Mcdonalds’, KFC, Subway and all of the other huge-name brands that don’t exactly scream culture. I may have caved to my chicken nugget guilty pleasure once or twice but it was nice to have that distance regardless. Aside from Kennedy park, a few must visit spots would have to be; Larcomar (very expensive but a must see, even for a once off!), Barranco (the coolest, bohemian neighbourhood perfect for anyone interested in art and culture) and if you’re willing to venture a bit further out, definitely visit Parque de la Reserva (a huge beautiful park that holds water fountain shows in the evenings and only costs 4 Soles for entry!) . If you want a few more suggestions of what to do in Lima, this is the list I lived by when I arrived:


So those are my Top 5 reasons why Pool Paradise Lima is the best hostel in Lima. For more general info or booking a room take a look on this page


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